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TRAGUL releases animated video for single Mother

Aug 4, 2021

Adrian Benegas's female fronted metal project TRAGUL relases a beautiful animated video for single Mother

Mother, a powerful symphony of power metal, accompanied by an animated short that illustrates the song. About the premiere of Mother, composer Adrian Benegas comments: “This song means gratitude in life, not only to my mother, but also, my two aunts and grandmother, who always sheltered me in values ​​of great humanity, with examples of perseverance”.

Mother opens with an animated video developed, illustrated and created by Santiago Cabrera and Elías Méndez. Its creators say that history is an imagination of a soul’s journey before choosing his mother to be born. Following the character Wisp through various fantastic worlds, guided by another character Angel, until he finds the place where he belongs.

You can listen to Mother here

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