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Female Fronted Metal

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In 2017, Adrian established the project that would introduce him into the international metal scene, a symphonic power metal act called TRAGUL. To craft his music, Adrian reunited a powerhouse of guest musicians that includes Zuberoa Aznarez (Diabulus in Musica) on vocals, Steve Conley (Flotsam and Jetsam) on guitars, Sander Zoer (Delain) on drums and his longtime collaborators Alex Holzwarth (Rhapsody of Fire) and Oliver Holzwarth (Blind Guardian, Tarja).

TRAGUL teams up with some of the best designers, producers and illustrators from all around the world to bring life its art, such as Grammy nominated producer JACOB HANSEN who handles mix and mastering (Primal Fear, Amaranthe, Epica, Volbeat), Finnish producer MIKA JUSSILA (Nightwish, Stratovarius, Children of Bodom), british visual producer SCOTT RUDD (Maiden, Rings of Saturn, Opeth), German video producer Ingo Spörl HARD MEDIA (Sabaton, Accept, Avantasia, Helloween) among others.


Tragul is musically an innovative band, exploring new non-traditional worlds when it comes to getting their music heard, since the band’s releases come in a unique song-by-song format.  Since June 2017, Tragul has released 12 singles, widely acclaimed by critics.

In 2018, Adrian produced with Tragul a tribute to the Netflix series DARK, in which he had the pleasure of working with Hollywood sound engineer JOHN RODD, who has worked on films and series such as ELYSIUM, GET OUT, BREAKING BAD and BETTER CALL SAUL, to name a few. The single had great international recognition, allowing the band to be echoed and had several appearances on national TV, radio and the most important newspapers in Paraguay and specialized metal music press the world.

The band was also included several times in the prestigious METAL HAMMER, one of the most important global magazine within the metal genre, with an interview of two full pages in editions of Spain and Portugal. Likewise, this project manages to establish itself for 2 whole weeks in the # 1 position of the HOT ROCK SONGS ranking, which earned the band to be chosen as BAND OF THE YEAR in the METAL FEMALE VOICES of Ukraine.




Another Winter Night

single  - released march 2022



Are you there?
Dancing through the silence of the night
In the perfect music of the stars
I can feel your hearbeat
Answer me, are you here?

Y te busqué
En los blancos sueños de mi ayer
A través de la inefable canción
Que canta eterno mi Ser

Another life
And I wonder if you're still alive
I can't find the way in the midst of night
To that place of magic
Where my heart just smiles

Y busco en ti
Una forma de existir
Anhelando nacer
Eterno en mi, eterno en ti
Y busco morir
Y que el dolor, ya no esté aquí
Anhelando volver
A ti

Only scars
Only lies
It's all he felt
On that cold
Winter night

All the smiles
All he was
All his dreams
Just gone away


single  - released August 2021

cuadrado Mother.png


Into the void

of paradise
I can remember

clear the moment
Just before arriving

There was an angel
Standing at my right

who asked me
And I just chose you

without doubting

You welcomed me when I was born
You raised me when I cried
In winter, you were like my sunshine
A rainbow in the dark


A lovely melody
A peaceful dwelling
The reminder of heaven
Love turned to flesh

You covered me when it rained
You held me when I stumbled
In winter, you were like my sunshine
My brightest star



Sueño Eterno

single  - released December 2019


 Donde estarás?
Sueño eterno de nunca jamás
Deseo esquivo, inmortal
Fragmento de la eternidad

Y te busqué
En las horas de mi soledad
Incansable hasta beber
De tus labios tu verdad

Donde estarás?
Querido sueño de nunca jamás
Deseo esquivo de la libertad
Fragmento de la eternidad

Y te busqué
En el libro de mis lagrimas
Incalculables lunas de mi pesar
Deseos de mi libertad

Y háblame
Que con mis manos yo te guiare
Y en cada verso tuyo estaré
Buscando eternamente ser dichoso en ti
Yo moriría hasta el amanecer
Y que el silencio hable otra vez
Dentro de todo mi ser

Donde estarás?
Sueño eterno de nunca jamás
Deseo esquivo inmortal
Fragmento de la eternidad

Y te busqué
En el libro de mis lagrimas
Incalculables lunas de mi pesar

Deseos de mi libertad

The Hummingbird

single  - released February 2019



Deep in

I hear your song

Still warm

So close

With your colours


Paiting my heart

Sweetest wonder of life

Magical being

The spring's blooming in

Deep inside of me

As your wings are beating

You raise me up

Until I can touch the sky

Magic hummingbird

With rainbow wings

Your chant never ceased

Your chant never ceased


Memoria de la Eternidad

Aunque no te vea siento en mí

Tu esencia inmortal


My Last Words

single  - released MAy 2018

My last words - Cover.jpg

 Now I see the ashes

There's nothing left to say right now

Not understading

How much we've hurt ourselves

I feel so sorry

I've got a hole inside my chest

Now realizing

That it's time for me to fly


My heart cries

Like it never did before

These last words are for you

Only for you

Hope one day

We will find us again

Now it's time to walk home

Back to home


Now the wounds are healing

The scars, the lies, our blindness

Now realizing

It felt so cold inside

I feel so sorry

We'd lost ourselves into our pride

Now realizing

How much I loved you, dear of mine


My heart cries

Is this our last goodbye?

Look how far we have come

Hope one day

We will find us again

It's time to turn and go

Back to home

Before I Say Goodbye

single  - released March 2018


Are you the One?

Calling me

soothing my hear

Are you the One?

Would you dry my teary eyes?

Are you the Light?

Shinning on this starless night

Are you the Rain?

Cleaning my wounded hands

This pain's so hard

Would you turn off my dying heart?

Please just do it

Before the tears fall down my eyes

Si es el final

Muéstrame cual es la realidad

Si es el final

Déjame creer

Que a donde voy no existe el miedo

Ni el dolor que siento hoy

Que a donde voy

Mi alma canción será

BISG - Cover Size (Square).jpg




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