Music is storytelling.  Even instrumental music tells a story. This is a fact that makes Adrian Benegas stay true to the music and to the emotions that it has to convey, making each note and rhythm have a purpose. Besides constantly having his music knowledge in a self taught way, Adrian also has completed several courses of Berklee Music School, and continues to study in the fields of music business as well. Adrian has never lost a passion for exploring new musical frontiers and continues to stretch himself as both a songwriter and producer.

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Below, you can take a look to some of the most recent productions by Adrian Benegas.


In 2019 Adrian Benegas produced his debut solo album, a Power / Symphonic metal record which had an oustanding reception from the fans and specialized press around the world. The album also had four songs that entered the iTunes Rock Charts in Austria.



Adrian Benegas puts Paraguay on the map as a producer of excellent progressive rock. What a pleasant surprise!-

Lords of Metal. NETHERLANDS-


In 2020 Adrian Benegas commissioned a delicate piano-driven pop for british singer Pete Rawcliffe. The single is called "Locked Away". Released on november 25, 2020, the song entered the UK Itunes Singer & Songwriter charts and had a nice reception.




“I had the absolute pleasure of working with Adrian on my first ever single and I cannot tell you how impressed I was with the quality of his work. Adrian was responsive to all ideas and created a orchestral piano driven ballad that I absolutely fell in love with. Besides his incredible creativity he also supported me throughout the process of releasing the track, guiding me through all navigations unknown. I really recommend Adrian to anyone looking to have a bespoke creation to enhance their music portfolio, I’m extremely proud to say he was a part of my first ever creation”. 

Pete Rawcliffe

Adrian Benegas - Diamonds in the Dark.png

In 2021 Adrian Benegas produced his new EP DIAMONDS IN THE DARK, a fresh combination of symphonic, a little bit of alternative and definitely a lot of heavy metal. 



The whole EP has a sound of constant melodies and notes that are increasing, bringing us the feeling of continuity. Here we have power and heavy metal with all its bombastic energy, creating a rich atmosphere and full of details, leaving the listener wanting to listen more and more often.- Playfonic. BRASIL-

cuadrado Mother.png

In 2021 Adrian Benegas produced the new TRAGUL single MOTHER, a powerful symphony of power metal that has been available on YouTube since August 4th, accompanied by an animated short that illustrates the song. 



The fine, well-known Symphonic Metal, which already distinguished the first ten singles and is the trademark of TRAGUL, of course still exists, but has increased in its expressiveness. There are so many beautiful nuances to discover, for example an exquisite guitar solo roughly in the middle of the piece. You should also listen a little more closely when singing a choir or a duet, or be aware of the almost "delicate" lightness of the keyboard melody.- Powermetal.de - GERMANY


Adrian Benegas was in charge of the sound production and recording of keyboards, guitars, bass and drums for Archie Caine’s debut album Tommy And The Angels available since April 2022. Also collaborated with the singer, writing and producing several songs. 



“II’m really impressed with the quality of all Adrian’s work, from composition to instrumentation. As a performer without a full-time band when it came to having the instruments for my debut album tracked, and a run of singles collaborated on, there was only one choice!"

Archie Caine


In 2022, Adrian Benegas produced the new TRAGUL single ANOTHER WINTER NIGHT, a symphonic metal soul and a "mid-tempo" rock heart. In its melody beats through the angelic voice of Zuberoa Aznárez (Diabulus in Musica).

“Another Winter Night” is a melancholy and introspective musical journey with the exotic lyrics and music written by Adrian Benegas, in Spanish and English perfectly combined.



With «Another Winter Night» we can enjoy a mix between melancholy and power on which a beautiful melody hooks from the first listen. The song also has a spectacular guitar solo that adds an extra change to the song that reminds us of some of Avantasia's great compositions..- RockandBlog - Spain


Oliver Holzwarth:

I worked with Adrian Benegas for many years. What really impressed me was the musical development that Adrian took as a curious and eager to learn young person with ambition and vision. Through the now numerous projects for which he is responsible as a composer and arranger, I have got to know him very well and, above all, have come to appreciate him. I would call him a friend today, which I hope he sees as well. ;-)

From my point of view, he doesn't have to hide behind the supposedly big names of the genres he plays today. On the contrary, I still have great confidence in him. And I hope to accompany him on part of the way again at some point, for example on a tour in a world after Covid-19 and its mutants. Then I have a drink and send my warmest regards to Adrian!


Alex Holzwarth:

When Adrian contacted me and my studio partner Bernhard, we didn't hesitate to work with him. At that time we had exactly this service idea on the way: to enable drum recordings for talented musicians / projects worldwide who at the time did not have a permanent band or musician to finish the product properly.

The songs for Adrian's projects made us prick up our ears right away! We just had to get involved. ;-)

The collaboration went on for many years and I always like to think back to the recording sessions!

Good luck to Adrian, I only wish him the very best in his further musical career.

Best regards from both of us. :-)


Herbie Langhans:

The first time Adrian asked me to sing on his first album, it was another classic studio job for a project with several singers. I thought the quality and the songs were good, so I accepted.

This time [on "Diamonds In The Dark" - d. Ed.] Adrian only wanted Sascha and me on the team and so it happened that it felt more like something of his own. Working with Adrian is super relaxed and he is very generous with words when it comes to showing his gratitude and satisfaction. In principle, you can even say that Adrian brought Sascha and me together for the first time on a production where we both produce (thanks Adrian). I have already worked a lot with Sascha and we have known each other for 20 years (and he is one of my best friends), but it was Adrian who really united us on a joint production. I'm excited and I am waiting with open arms for the next creative ideas and plans from him. Adrian, YOU ROCK !!!


Sascha Paeth:

I can only say that it was particularly easy and nice to work with Adrian, as he gives you a lot of freedom and loves to be surprised. It's always great as a musician when you can get involved with your personality and I think that's what he's looking for too. He's just a really nice and sociable guy!

*Extracted from the article  INTERVIEW MIT ADRIAN BENEGAS  for powermetal.de