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© Adrian Benegas - 2020


"The Revenant through the lens of Marco Bogarín" is a series of artistic photographs in collaboration with Argentinian photographer Marco Bogarín. The idea is to represent each song on the debut album in photographs with a short narrative for each image and thus immerse listeners in the general concept of THE REVENANT album. Adrian Benegas, composer and producer comments: "This is an idea that came to my mind a few months ago, I think art is a whole and I enjoy very much to work in different areas to represent better what I've created with my music"


Music and Lyrics by Adrian Benegas - Vocals by Ralf Scheepers

Ph: Marco Bogarín

Adrian Benegas - Servants of the Death

This is where THE REVENANT story starts, where main character is dragged by the "Servants of The Death” into the deepest, darkest recesses of human emotion, a dark dream where a never-ending nightmare is about to begin… Parasites from the spiritual world that feed from the lowest human emotions like fear, sadness, violence, and many aspects we carry inside ourselves and when a possible victim is frail they hear the call, smell the fear and attack to submerge them into doom seizing their souls.


Music and Lyrics by Adrian Benegas - Vocals by Henning Basse and Zuberoa Aznárez

Ph: Marco Bogarín

Adrian Benegas - Cadavria - Foto Series

Dragged by the “Servants of the Death” our main character wakes on “Cadavria”, a world where all hope is lost and its received by the grand “Mind breaker”, a timeless being, spectral and hungry for desperate ones. The human soul, the “last resistance” into the shadows make him fall on his knees and pray with the deepest pain, the one that comes from regret. Black tears fall down the character’s cheek while the "Mind breaker" tries to possess completely his soul. But not everything is lost into "Cadavria", the real heroes, the ones who battle themselves with the fear and pain choking inside, can survive through the power of regret and sacrifice... As the androgen angel with all its feminine and masculine power perfectly balanced has proclaimed on the last section of this song: “Human, I speak to you, you must sacrifice to born again, and stand out of the eternal wheel of suffering…”


Music and Lyrics by Adrian Benegas - Vocals by Herbie Langhans, Henning Basse and Zuberoa Aznárez

Ph: Marco Bogarín

After falling into the dream of Cadavria, our main character realizes that the creatures that inhabits there won't let him go, the only way to get out is going deeper and fight the guardians, demons from other dimensions and even fight his own fear, the most dangerous enemy... Face to face, no truce... one must die... The conjunring starts, "Die! die! die!" breaks the silence - "I am more what you think, I am immortal", replies a demonic echo... Feel the Fire!! I'll cut your forked tongue... - "I am grand part of you, I was there on every smile you've erased, on every heart you've broken apart..." replies the mind breaker. There are too many entities, they are part of a whole, like tentacles that feeds the center of a giant black heart... But nothing is lost, on every conjuration our main character feels a familiar presence, like if he is not completely alone... Inside those words dwells the essence itself, his guardian angel guiding him to perform the exorcism...


Music and Lyrics by Adrian Benegas - Vocals by Herbie Langhans

Ph: Marco Bogarín

After the battle against the demons our main character realizes that all of it was a mere illusion, there are no demons to cast out or external enemies to blame, he was fighting against alter egos he created and realized the most important of all the truths, “The enemy lies within, we are our most dangerous enemy”. The only one he must confront “to set his heart free” is nothing but himself. He realized CADAVRIA was an state of his own mind, infected with “low-energy parasites” created by his own fears, traumas, violence, lies and all the negative things he has done throughout his life. The guardian angel, the last part of his conscience that remains intact gave him the knowledge to discover the secret words: “regret and will” and taught him to travel in time through the “magic mirror” of self-knowledge to heal his past and rewrite his own present. Powerful weapons against himself… Now he must decide to die and take with him all the shadows that covers his soul to reborn as a new one, a free spirit…

CHAPTER V - Coming soon...