Adrian Benegas - Diamonds in the

In late march 2020, during the lockdown in the pandemic of corona, became the ultimate tool for escapism for Adrian, and so it began the composition and general concept pre-production of his second solo material. Later that year, he started the final production process together once again with German vocalist Herbie Langhans (AVANTASIA, FIREWIND) who was the lead singer on The Revenant (his debut album, 2019), and renowned German producer SASCHA PAETH, an icon of production within the genre, who has produced countless European Heavy and Power Metal bands, such as AVANTASIA, KAMELOT, RHAPSODY, EPICA, just to name a few.


The EP entitled “Diamonds in the Dark” available since May 21th, 2021.

“Diamonds in the Dark”, has an overall strong concept about being a social outcast and to be like "Screw with that!". Through songs of strength, pain, anger and revenge, I hope to make you feel a little bit more invincible than before, remarks Benegas.

Adrian comments: “It’s absolutely interesting how a Diamond is pretty much just a piece of coal, that endured through time and pressure. I mean, without those situations, it would have never become the treasure it was meant to be. So, this is exactly what's featured on this EP: The capacity to embrace your suffering, being a true rebel soul and seeking of live your life as loudly and authentically as you choose no matter what circumstances you went through your past, from the present you are living, you can really re-write your story. This EP has a lot of my story, specially my past but as I said, from a point of view of easing the pain and using it as a fuel to re-draw my own life.”


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At the end of 2019, wasted no time and with a new found energy, Adrian fully immerged himself in the unique world of the production of his most ambitious and recent project at the time: his solo debut album. Putting his heart and soul in writing all the lyrics, concept and all music by himself. THE REVENANT” was produced entirely by Adrian Benegas. The recording process was all over the word. It was recorded everywhere from Paraguay to thousands of miles apart in Spain and in Germany. The production is top-notch making huge the sound of the album. The mix and master was in charge by danish grammy nominated producer Jacob Hansen, except for track 1, “Servants of The Death” which was mixed by italian producer Alberto Bravin and mastered by worldwide mastering engineer Maor Appelbaum. The artwork was designed by renowned brasilian artist Carlos Fides @ Artside Studio.

For this material, Adrian Benegas gathered his dream team of musicians and nothing less than 3 vocalists to bring his songs to life, such as Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear - Gamma Ray), Herbie Langhans (Firewind, Avantasia), Henning Basse (Metallium, Mayan) and Zuberoa Aznarez (Diabulus in Musica, Tragul).

Released on November 15th, 2019 via Pride and Joy Music from Germany (worldwide) with an exclusive Japanese version which includes a bonus track. 

1. Servants of the Death

2. Cadavria

3. Face to Face

4. The Enemy Within

5. Inferno

6. A Change of Heart

7. Carrier of the Sunlight

8. The Light of my Dreams

9. The Revenant



THE REVENANT, it’s an emotionally charged conceptual album.


The lyrics deal with introspection and self-transcendence presented in a metaphorical/ surreal way about the tale of an unredeemed soul's journey from the depths of its own hell to the edge of self-realization. This album gives an insight into the human journey itself, the ups and downs, about trying to find the light at the end of the tunnel.

Musically, the album serves a mix of power and symphonic metal.  The Revenant combines a straight-forward sound, catchy vocal lines and sing along choruses. Each track has its own atmosphere.


THE REVENANT has had an excellent reception around the world, appearing in physical magazines in Europe with high marks, such as those obtained in the German magazines POWERMETAL.DE (9 of 10), ROCK HARD (7.5 of 10), in the Belgian MUSIKA (85 out of 100), in the Dutch LORDS OF METAL (9 out of 10), among others. As well as featured on various radio stations in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Europe, and obtaining innumerable interviews in English and Spanish from media around the world. Carrying up high the Paraguayan flag, Adrian Benegas is considered by specialized media as "great exponent of South American metal" (South America Metal Radio de Chile), "putting Paraguay on the map, as a producer of excellent progressive rock" (LORDS OF METAL - Holland). The album also was included in the TOP 10 best albums 2019 of Rock Vibrations (Brazil), on printed magazines such as BreakOut, Sweden Rock, Hardline, PowerPlay, among others.