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TRAGUL releases new single Another Winter Night

Mar 18, 2022

Adrian Benegas's female fronted metal project TRAGUL releases new single with a delicate lyric video

Adrian Benegas's TRAGUL presents a new musical adventure. The new song features a symphonic metal soul and a mid-tempo rock beats through the angelic voice of Zuberoa Aznárez (Diabulus in Musica). Another Winter Night is a melancholy and introspective musical journey with exotic lyrics and music written by Adrian Benegas, in Spanish and English perfectly combined.

This new single produced by Adrian Benegas is the 12th single of TRAGUL. This side project that is based on the single by single format started in mid-2017.

The song also has a lyric video available on Youtube that was illustrated by Alejandra Bogarín, Directed and post-produced by Santiago Bogarín.

You can listen Another Winter Night here

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